Cindy's Pick

Todays pick is from Cindy and her favorite theme is the furniture 2 theme. We want to know what your favorite designs are, you can contact us and let us know maybe if one is a stand out we can run a special on that design who knows you have the power let us know what you like and want to see in the future.

Courtland's Pick

My favorite web design is also in the magento section of the templates tab, I like the Alcoholic theme. The darker colors and white contrasting sections are really cool check it out and then contact our web designers in LA, to see if we cant start designing one for you today. Or maybe you like one of the e-commerce ones you should tell us what fits your business best and we will customize a theme just for you.

Hello World

Hello everyone, our first blog post should be about us and what we do. So here goes, we are a web development firm in Los Angeles California. When we are not working on making your websites the most popular and attractive on the web we like to relax in the Southern California sun. The pieces make the whole and our pieces at websfire are the best web designers and developers in LA, contact us and see for yourself. Whether you come into the office, call or e-mail us I'm sure you will be please with the personality and attention to detail we give to you and your company. We want everyone who works with us to be successful beyond their wildest imaginations. Companies large and small alike, you have untapped potential customers out there and a strong web presence can bring them to you. Check out the what we do section for detailed info on our different services.

Seans Favorite Design

What a busy week here at Websfire designing new websites and working on existing ones. I have not been able to blog about those template picks that I said we would have for you. Our first pick is from Sean and he likes the "Wedding" template in the magento section of the template demos tab you can check it out here

The Crew

Websfire wants you to get to know our crew, if you would like us to build a website for you what better place to start than with the people you would be working with. Our fearless leader is Sean and the person who handles most of our client interactions. Before you talk to Sean though you will probably get Cindy on the phone, she is our secretary extraordinaire and handles our social media and customer requests. The other people you might not see or hear from as much are our Programmer Courtland, Designer Ron and Art Director Jerry. These are the grunts behind your website design. You and Sean will discuss the website design and Ron, Jerry, and Courtland will make your vision a reality. Maybe this week we will have these guys pick their favorite websites designs from our portfolio and you can get an idea of what kinds of website designs make us the most excited!